2017-08-21 12:51

(Method 1) Integral of 1/sqrt(x)

integral of sqrt(tan(x)), highly requested

Integral of 1/(1+sqrt(x)) (substitution)

integral of sqrt(x)*e^(-x) from 0 to inf

integral of sqrt(x^2+1), with Euler Substitution, math for fun

integral of sqrt(1+x^2)

Calculus - The Most Difficult Integral - sqrt(tan(x)) (Request)

Integral of sqrt((1-x)/(1+x))

integral of e^sqrt(x), integration by parts in the u-world,

integral of sqrt(x^2-1)

Integral of sin(sqrt(x)) (substitution + by parts)

integral of sqrt(1-x^2)

Sect 5 5 #67, integral of x*sqrt(x-1) from 1 to 2

checking the answer of integral of sqrt(tan(x)) by differentiation

How to Integrate square root of x

the ONLY YouTube Vid that shows you how to integrate sqrt(tanh(x))

Integral of (1+x)/(1+sqrt(x)) (substitution)

Integral battlel#11, the theta world!

Integral of x/sqrt(1-x^2)

integral battle#15, regular? reciprocal? no problem!

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